83% of People Are Still Planning on Buying Halloween Candy . . . Even If They Just Eat It Themselves

Odds are you’ll have way fewer people trick-or-treating at your house this year. And if you’re like most of us, you’re thinking . . . hey great, more candy for me.

According to a new survey, 83% of people say they’re still planning to buy Halloween candy this year. 40% of people are only going to buy candy THEY like, because they don’t plan to hand it out . . . and 38% are even EXCITED they won’t have to hand it out so they can eat it themselves.

The survey also found three-quarters of parents are still planning to take their kids out for at least a little trick-or-treating this year. But they’ll only go to an average of FIVE houses, and a lot of parents will check with neighbors beforehand to make sure the whole process will be pandemic-safe.