Bartholomew County Democrats ready for election season

Bartholomew County Democrats are gearing up for election season. Officials say that more than 100 people gathered at party headquarters on January 6th to hear their party slogan for the 2018 campaign, as well as announcements from candidates.

The party’s campaign slogan is “Government that Works for All of Us!” Party Chairman Bob Hyatt says that Democrats are opposed to the Republican idea that government is the problem. He says that Democrats “understand that government has provided important solutions such as Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act that have rescued the lives of millions of Americans.”

Democrats say that they will be focusing on:

– Supporting comprehensive healthcare and a fair tax system for everyone at the national level;
– Supporting public education;
– Taking care of our children and seniors;
– Outlawing hate;
– Establishing a fair redistricting system at the state level;
– Ending one-party government;
– Tackling issues that affect families at the local level.

Candidates making announcements at the event included:

– Ross Thomas, candidate for District 41 State Senate;
– Steve Schoettmer, candidate for District 69 State Representative;
– Dale Nowlin, candidate for District 59 State Representative;
– Hanna Omar, candidate for District One County Council;
– Lynne Fleming, candidate for District Four County Council.

Hyatt says that several others are considering running for office. If you think you might like to run for office as a Democrat, you are invited to an open house on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at party headquarters, located at 1417 Chestnut Street in Columbus.