Celebrity Gossip: Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, Jill Zarin and More!

BELLA HADID NABS RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ALLEGED STALKER: Bella Hadid’s accused stalker Brian Perez can no longer contact her online or in person. He was found lurking around her home in Manhattan and has sent her creepy missives online. “You want me to come? I’m going to come there now,” court documents allege the 37-year-old wrote Hadid on Instagram, Page Six reports. Perez was arrested on February 9th.

KIM KARDASHIAN ALMOST ‘FORGOT’ TO POST BIKINI PIC: Whoa, close one! The selfie star herself Kim Kardashian West posted a sexy mirror selfie Tuesday, explaining that she “forgot to post” it. The snap showcases her toned waist (she works out with a trainer six days a week), which, if you’re interested, is currently 24 inches.

JILL ZARIN SAYS MEDIUM HELPED HER DEAL WITH BOBBY’S DEATH: Jill Zarin enlisted the help of a medium after her husband Bobby Zarin died. “When Bobby was in the hospital the last week of his life, I had a medium there and I had her do reiki on Bobby and energy work,” she told Us Weekly. “When people die it’s often said the color blue, the color of energy, is seen around the person. She took pictures. When we looked at them on the phone, there’s blue all over him and all over me. Energy, all over him, all over me.” She said she saw the energy again in Morocco. “When I was in a hotel in Morocco, one of my friends took a picture of me and a friend. There’s no blue light in the room and no flash and there was a gigantic bright blue light on my shirt,” she said. “And I sent the picture to my medium and she said that means Bobby was there because his energy is on you. It’s energy.” Bobby died in January at age 71 after a long battle with cancer.

CHRIS ROCK TO HIT NETFLIX TODAY: Surprise! Chris Rock’s first stand-up special in a decade is getting a surprise release on Valentine’s Day. Chris Rock: Tamborine is the first of two special for Netflix, and his reported multimillion-dollar paychecks prompted both Amy Schumer and Mo’Nique to successfully renegotiate their salaries. Directed by Bo Burnham, it was taped at BAM.

ACTOR PATRICK BOLL ARRESTED IN PROSTITION STING: Actor Patrick Boll and five other men were arrested in a Florida prostitution sting. The 53-year-old Broadway and TV actor (Burn After Reading, Gossip Girl, How to Be Single, Law & Order and Quantico), was nabbed in a hotel room and charged with one count of solicitation, E! reports. He reportedly gave an officer posing as a prostitute $150 in cash. He is currently out on bail, which was set at $2,000.