Random Stats in Honor of National Teachers Day

Today is National Teachers Day, and after THIS year, giving your kids’ teachers presents is the least you can do.  Well . . . it’s not the absolute least you can do.  WE’RE going to do the absolute least:  Share some stats.

Here’s National Teachers Day by the numbers for you . . .

1.  The average teacher works 10 hours a day and 52 hours a week.

2.  92.4% of teachers spend their own money on things for their classroom or their students.

3.  Teachers make an average of 14% less money than other jobs that need the same level of education.

4.  The average retirement age for teachers is 59 years old.

5.  And 20% of public school teachers have a second job outside of teaching.

So buy a teacher a Starbucks gift card today, man.