2020’s Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes

You know what could salvage the horror film that is 2020? Dogs running around in cute Halloween costumes!

…and for the third year in a row the pumpkin costume is America’s number-one choice for pets this year. A new survey found that 10% of those outfitting Fido in a costume this year want to see him dressed as the spooky season’s most popular gourd.

The most-obvious costume, the hot dog, is America’s second choice for pets this Halloween, followed by a superhero costume.

3% of Americans will sadistically humiliate their dogs in a cat costume this year, while the fourth choice for pet Halloween costume is the bumble bee.

If you’re planning to win a costume contest with your dog this Halloween, make sure his costume isn’t too tight, blocking his vision or has parts your pet could try to chew.