Bonehead in the News: 28-year-old Woman Dressed Like Teen and Walked Into a High School to Promote Her Instagram

Want a sign you’ve gotten TOO obsessed with getting more followers on social media? This is the sign.

There’s a 28-year-old woman named Audrey Francisquini from Miami Beach, Florida. She works in sales at Carnival Cruise Lines and I guess she’s really trying to blow up on Instagram.

Because last Monday, Audrey went to a high school in Hialeah, Florida and pretended she was a student who was there to enroll. She had a backpack and was carrying a skateboard to try to look younger.
And when a security guard let her inside, she started passing out flyers to students . . . with her Instagram account on them.

The security guards saw her and kicked her out . . . and then they called the cops. The cops used the info from the flyers to figure out who she was, and they went to her house that night and arrested her for trespassing.

Here’s a link to the full story: