One in Five People Find the Sound of Cicadas Relaxing

With billions of cicadas invading the country, someone polled people and asked if the sound they make is annoying or relaxing.

And more than one in five Americans find it RELAXING.

22% said relaxing . . . 31% said annoying . . . 21% said neither . . . and everyone else wasn’t sure, or said they’ve never heard a cicada before.

Men were MUCH more likely to say it’s relaxing . . . 27% compared to just 17% of women.  And young people enjoy the sound of cicadas more than older people do.

They also asked about the noise crickets make, just to get a comparison.  And it’s an even split.

Of the people who answered, half said relaxing, and half said annoying.  4% said they don’t know what crickets sound like.