Bonehead in the News: A Man Got Caught Collecting Disability…Even Though He’s a Bodybuilder

There will always be people who try to game the system for a handout . . . but this guy was pretty brazen.

A man from New York named Anthony Ragusa has been accused of collecting disability benefits . . . while simultaneously becoming a BODYBUILDER, and having his own limousine business.

And he wasn’t exactly doing it on the DL . . . he was caught because he was featured on the Instagram account of his wife, Loly, who’s also an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness pro.

She even tagged his limo business and beefy shots of him in some of her posts.  And in one from 2019, she describes him as her “partner in crime.”

Prosecutors say Anthony initially filed for disability in 2013, when he said he fell while working as an electrician and suffered severe injuries that made it difficult to put on shoes, walk for 15 minutes, or even sit for a half-hour at a time.

He claimed disability up until last year, despite getting into bodybuilding in 2017.  He’s facing felony charges of grand larceny.