Bride’s sister objects at wedding as a prank — what could go wrong?

Talk about awkward. A woman’s prank at her sister’s wedding backfired royally causing the bride and their family to lash out at her. The prank? Saying “I object” during the ceremony.

Following the incident, the woman turned to a Reddit thread to see if the public believed she was in the wrong. According to The Sun, she explained in the post, “My (23F) sister (27F) got engaged about 2 years ago. I don’t hate her. We were never the closest of sisters due to our age difference but we didn’t hate each other.”

“Her fiancé (now husband) is a great man. I really am happy for them,” she continued. “So fast forward to the wedding ceremony, when the priest finally said ‘are there any objections?’ I stood up and said ‘I object.. (long pause) because this couple is way too cute for each other!'”

The ceremony continued after that, but at the reception her sister, the bride, told her that the joke wasn’t funny and that it ruined her special day.

While the woman was likely looking for reassurance that her prank wasn’t all that bad, that wasn’t the case.

“Way to cause a scene on their big day. How desperate for attention are you?” one wrote.

A minister added some perspective writing, “Minister here: it gets worse. Some places if someone objects during the ceremony you’re required to stop and investigate even if it’s a joke.”