These Guys Walked a Full Marathon Inside of a Walmart

Two brothers proved that being inside a Walmart can feel like a physically taxing experience – by walking a marathon inside their local big box store.

Youtuber President Chay and his brother Colby headed to their local Walmart and began their 26.2-mile trek inside at 6am with the goal of finishing in 11 hours – while not getting bounced from the store.

Their first mile, too slow for them at 28 minutes, had the brothers picking up their pace inside Walmart’s aisles, but after 6 hours, the reality of their mission started to set in.

As their marathon “route” became more packed with customers, Colby said “We don’t really train for long-distance stuff at all, so this is different, and we’re just falling apart. Also, our pace is going down because traffic is really high right now.”

In the end, the two reached their 26.2 mile goal inside of Walmart in 10 hours and 49 minutes, but not without suffering from leg cramps, blisters and more, with President saying “We were beaten down, messed up, and in pain, but we did it!”

They also gave props to the Walmart employee that caught on to what they were doing, buying them bottled water instead of throwing them out of the store.