What’s the Best Way to Sneeze During the Pandemic?

What’s the best way to sneeze during the coronavirus pandemic, with people’s mouth and nose droplets capable of infecting others? The Washington Post offers the following tips:

Sneeze into your mask–and carry a backup. While the cloth, homemade masks don’t prevent every single little particle from spreading out in the air, they really interrupt the trajectory of a lot of those different particles,” says one expert, who recommends carrying a backup mask in case you get the one you’re wearing wet.

Sneeze into a tissue–as long as you cover your nose and mouth with it. Be sure to dispose of the tissue in a safe way, and also immediately clean your hands.

Sneeze into your elbow–as long as you remain aware of the fact that you now may have respiratory droplets on your inner elbow. As long as these droplets remain moist, if someone else touches them and then touches their nose or mouth, they could become infected. So don’t hug anyone after you’ve sneezed into your elbow.

Go outside and sneeze. This is perhaps the safest option. Being outside alone is safer than being inside when you sneeze, because the air circulation is better and will help those droplets disperse.