Angie Harmon Says Instacart Driver Shot And Killed Her Beloved Dog

Angie Harmon, known for her roles in Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles, is grieving the loss of her dog, Oliver, whom she claims was shot and killed by an Instacart driver during a grocery delivery. Harmon took to her verified Instagram account to express her devastation over the incident, stating that her family is “completely traumatized” by the loss of their beloved pet. While the driver’s identity remains undisclosed, Harmon alleges that he shot their dog after delivering the groceries, taking advantage of the fact that their Ring camera was not recording.

Instacart has since suspended the driver’s account, asserting their zero-tolerance policy towards violence. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed receiving a report of a dog being shot and stated that no criminal charges have been filed thus far. Harmon openly criticized the driver’s self-defense claim, noting the absence of any visible injuries.