How Farm Credit Mid-America Can Help with Next Year’s Planting Purchases

From left to right: Chase Harris, Natalie Schwartz, and Tanner Prible with Farm Credit Mid-America. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.



Even though harvest season has arrived, it’s not too early to start thinking now about next year’s planting season.

“I think it’s in the farmers’ best interest to have those relationships with their seed salesman and their chemical salesman to see their options and the price differences if they pay now as opposed to paying three months from now,” says Chase Harris, Senior Financial Officer with Farm Credit Mid-America, who says Indiana farmers can possibly save now on their seed and fertilizer purchases for 2024.

“Luckily for them, a lot of their companies—whether it be seed, chemical, or fertilizer suppliers—offer cash discounts,” according to Harris. “So, a lot of them will ponder that decision over the next month or so and see if that makes sense for them to do it. In most cases, it certainly does. I just talked to a customer who said she was getting ready to do just that and she was going to save over $60,000 on her seed alone for next year’s crop.”

He says if companies offer a pay-in-full discount, you may consider a Farm Operating Loan from Farm Credit Mid-America.

“Maybe you’ve never had one in the past? Maybe you’re growing and now you really need to utilize one where you haven’t had to before? Maybe you just want a second opinion to see what Farm Credit Mid-America has to offer?” he says.

“We do have some pretty unique features—one being our patronage program,” says Harris. “Being a cooperative, we’re able to return patronage to our customers each year to the tune of around 1.5% of your average daily balance, which is a pretty sizeable check for some operations, and those checks are delivered in the spring.”

Harris adds that your Farm Operating Loan can managed from anywhere at anytime.

“In all reality, you can cash grain checks from your combine and transfer money from your tractor online to pay bills that you have coming up, so it really allows you to use these funds wherever you may be,” says Harris.

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