Indiana Cattle Producers in Strong Support of House Version of Farm Bill, Not Senate


For decades, the committees on agriculture in both the House and Senate in D.C. have been regarded as the most bipartisan. After Farm Bill frameworks were released last week by House Ag Republicans and Senate Ag Democrats, it seems like they may be further apart than ever before.

Indiana Beef Cattle Association President Kelley Sheiss was recently in Washington, D.C. and spoke with HAT on the new Indiana Ag Policy Podcast, available now wherever you listen to podcasts.

“Unfortunately, some of the things that have come up this week are very polarizing on the House and the Senate side on what that farm bill should look at. So, we’re very, very supportive of the House of Representatives bill. It’s very agriculture friendly, very supportive for Indiana ag and cattle producers. And we want to make sure it goes that route versus the other option, which is very greenhouse gas emissions, environmentally focused, that is not friendly to cattle producers whatsoever.”

We’ll know more after May 23rd when the House Ag Committee expects to mark up their version of the Farm Bill.

Sheiss lays out some of the priorities discussed with legislators on their recent trip to the Beltway.

“Conservation programs, crop insurance, EQIP- something that I think every one of us that were on that trip to D.C. have taken advantage of, so we realize the importance of it. The good thing was that everybody we met with understood that importance.”

Sheiss reiterates that cattle producers are not opposed to conservation programs. In fact, it’s quite the opposite- cattle producers are the original conservationists. IBCA would just like to see those conservation practices remain voluntary and incentive based, not mandatory.

You can hear more from Sheiss and IBCA Executive Vice President Brian Shuter on the Indiana Ag Policy Podcast below or in the free HAT mobile app that can also connect to your Apple CarPlay.

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