Looking to Improve Soil Health? Check out Huma and Their Micro Carbon Technology


If you’re interested in improving soil health, building organic matter, and reducing crop input costs, then Huma might be the company you’re looking to partner with. Cory Ritter, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Huma, says they can do all that while reducing dependency on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

“Our company has been around for over 50 years. We’ve had a bunch of different names and we brought everything under one roof under Huma. We like to say our products have been around for 50 million years because it is a humic based product. We have our own mines and provide that. We’re a company that takes humic solutions and we really try to provide a targeted approach to the farmer to solve the issues of what they’re after.”

Huma further processes humates to create their proprietary Micro Carbon Technology which super charges their innovative carbon-rich liquid products to naturally increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve soil and plant health, and offer zero-residue crop protection against pests and diseases.

Ritter says their Micro Carbon Technology delivers fast-acting results and greater uptake in the foliage and soil at much lower rates.

“I don’t believe that in this industry, there is something that is a better deliverer, that helps products get to the plant, better than our Micro Carbon Technology.”

Ritter tells customers that Huma products will help you get what you’re actually paying for out of many of the products you’re currently using.

“Whether it’s a biological that you’ve had great results with some years and poor results in others. I think I have some products that can partner with that to provide you some more consistency year over year.”

Learn more about Huma at huma.us.