Karlie Kloss Says Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Relevant in #MeToo Era

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been bringing lingerie-clad Amazons down the runway for two decades, and one of the faces of the popular, if controversial show, is saying its more important than ever.

Karlie Kloss, who at age 25 has graced Vogue’s cover 38 times, said the annual fashion show has its own unique place in the women’s empowerment movement.

  • “There’s something really powerful about a woman who owns her sexuality and is in charge,” Kloss told The Telegraph. “A show like this celebrates that and allows all of us to be the best versions of ourselves. Whether it’s wearing heels, makeup, or a beautiful piece of lingerie—if you are in control and empowered by yourself, it’s sexy. I personally love investing in a powerful scent or piece of lingerie, but I ensure it’s on my terms. I like to set a positive example, so I would never be part of something I didn’t believe in.”
  • She adds that beauty comes with power and confidence. “Women who have confidence and sensuality but in a much more mysterious way is something I find really attractive,” she said. “When a woman has confidence and is self-knowing, there is nothing she can’t achieve.”