Cummins and Isuzu partnership leading to battery truck prototype

Cummins and Isuzu will be creating a prototype battery electric truck to demonstrate in North America, with the hopes of commercializing medium-duty battery trucks with Cummins-powered systems across the region.

The Colubmus based engine maker announced the agreement yesterday, saying this is the first zero-emissions solution to be facilitated under the partnership with Isuzu Motors Limited formed in 2019. Cummins will integrate its Cummins PowerDrive6000 powertrain with Isuzu’s F-Series truck and will demonstrate the product to North American fleets later this year.

Assuming a successful demonstration and pilot phase the companies will explore opportunities to build the vehicles.

Cummins and Isuzu say they will continue to support customers in achieving zero-emissions and the companies will seek opportunities to further expand collaborations to drive global growth.