Plasma therapy helping in more than half of the tests at CRH

Columbus Regional Health is reporting that it has treated 40 COVID-19 patients with plasma donated by those who have already recovered from the disease, and so far the hospital is seeing good results.

The hospital announced last month that it was taking part in a partnership with the Mayo Clinic and blood research institute Versiti to use the donated plasma on patients with severe symptoms.

Over half of the patients treated with the donated plasma have been discharged and sent home or continue to improve their condition.

Anyone who has had a positive test for COVID-19 antibodies may donate plasma. CRH is offering antibody testing and anyone can have the testing done who thinks they may have been COVID-19 positive, whether or not that was ever confirmed by a lab test.

Potential donors who are eligible for the program will be able to donate at a Versiti Blood Bank location in Indianapolis or the mobile unit that visits Columbus weekly. To donate you must be at least 18 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and you must be symptom free for 14 days before being eligible to donate.

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