Elton John Apparently Peed In A Bottle In Shoe Store In Nice, France

While shopping for sneakers with his sons in Nice, France, Elton John was looking for a restroom. When he approached the shop owner of the high end sneaker and sports apparel store, Sugarkikz, and asked if they had a bathroom, he was told they did not. So, the music legend asked his bodyguard for a bottle, stepped away from the customers, and relieved himself in the receptacle right in the middle of the store. The store owner says that he was “shocked and frustrated” with the situation, and initially didn’t recognize Sir Elton. He apparently asked the singer what he did for a living, to which the Rocket Man simply replied, “I’m Elton John.” Elton did purchase two pairs of shoes for his sons, and took a photo for the store before he left in an effort to try and smooth over the uncomfortable experience for everyone. (TMZ)

(Photo Credit – Getty Images)