John Fogerty, Mick Fleetwood And More Pay Tribute To Duane Eddy

Social Media has been filled with comments from friends, fans, and artists, following the announcement of music icon, and pioneer guitarist Duane Eddy’s death on Monday (5-1).

Posting a photo of the two of them jamming on stage together.. John Fogerty wrote of his sadness of his old friend and said: “Duane was a hero and HUGE inspiration to me and his music is still lighting the way! What tone! What a sound!”

Mick Fleetwood posted a touching tribute and wrote: “Yesterday in my studio I said ‘this riff needs to sound like Duane Eddy,’ as I picked up my Gretsch White Falcon guitar! Saddened of the passing of this understated man who had talents more than most knew. Grateful for learning to play drums listening to his music.”

Dave Davies of The Kinks posted about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member: “Duane Eddy was one of my most important influences. He was so important in so many ways.”

Last year, Duane Eddy sent Deep Purple’s Richie Blakemore a Gretsch guitar for Christmas. Blakemore wrote of his friend: “Eddy was my first guitar Idol.”

After battling cancer, Duane Eddy died peacefully, surrounded by family on April 30, at the Williamson Health Hospital, near Nashville, in Franklin, Tennessee. He was 86.

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