Mick Fleetwood Wants Stevie Nicks And Lindsey Buckingham To Be Friends Again

In a new interview with MOJO, Fleetwood Mac co-founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood expressed his desire to see Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham ultimately become friends again. Buckingham was unceremoniously fired from the band in 2018, with the guitarist harboring resentment towards Nicks, whom he blamed for his departure. “It’s no secret, it’s no title-tattle that there is a brick wall there emotionally,” Fleetwood says of Nicks and Buckingham’s current relationship. “Stevie’s able to speak clearly about how she feels and doesn’t feel, as does Lindsey. But I’ll say, personally, I would love to see a healing between them – and that doesn’t have to take the shape of a (Fleetwood Mac) tour, necessarily.” Mick is excited to see Stevie perform at her big show on Friday in London’s Hyde Park. “I’m gonna get myself a vicarious fix. For once, I get to be a punter in the audience and see them do all the work.” (Louder Sound)

(Photo Credit – Getty Images)