The Black Crowes Kick Off Tour Tonight In Nashville

The Black Crowes kicks off its tour tonight (Tuesday, April 2) promoting its new album, “Happiness Bastards.” The group will play at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, the first of 35 dates that will take the group around North America through May 7, and then to Europe for shows through early June — including festival sin Sweden and Estonia. The Crowes will also perform at the Minnesota Yacht Club Festival on July 19 in St. Paul. 

The band, still led by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson with longtime bassist Sven Pipien, has been back on the road since 2021 and has made some lineup changes since. But Rich tells us that the duo is enjoying the fresh energy Crowes’ current lineup is bringing to the performances: 

“To me the excitement of all the new guys brought this sort of new viewpoint to the band, y’know what I mean, because they’re excited to be there, we’re excited to be there, and so it has all these different moving parts. I think it all felt kind of new and old at the same time, ’cause Chris and I, how we work, has always been the same. It’s never really changed.” SOUNDCUE :29

“Happiness Bastards” came out March 15 and is the first new Black Crowes album in 15 years. The group did release a covers EP, “1972,” during 2022. 

The Black Crowes has retained its opening spot on Aerosmith’s Peace Out: The Farewell Tour and is waiting for word on new dates. 
The full itinerary for the Crowes tour can be found at