Van Morrison Drops New Single, Announces ‘Moving On Skiffle’ Album

Van Morrison has dropped his latest single, “Worried Man Blues,” as a teaser to his upcoming album, Moving On Skiffle, set to drop on March 10th. The album focuses on Morrison’s childhood favorites from the “skiffle” era. The UK-based skiffle genre was an early-1950’s, fast-paced, slightly Celtic folk music played primarily on bathtub bases and old washboards.

For the new set, Morrison has brought the traditional classics into the now with full arrangements and proper instrumentation.

Van Morrison was asked if albums are still relevant to him in the age of digital downloads and streaming: [“They’re still relevant to me, because I’m not a download artist. Download is a very small percentage of what the people want (from) my product. It’s a very small percentage, so, it’s mainly CD’s and some vinyl. I just kind of go back. . . I just listen to the stuff that got me into it in the first place, y’know, the jazz, some blues. There’s nothing new, no.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . nothing new no)