Parking garages to to get LED fixtures

Efforts to modernize Columbus’ two parking garages are ongoing. The Redevelopment Commission voted Monday to approve the project with Duke Energy to retrofit existing fixtures with LED bulbs.

City officials say the garage at Jackson Street currently has 120 of the 150-watt metal halide bulbs on the inside of the structure and a dozen 40-watt halogen bulbs on the outside.

The garage at Second Street 80 of the 100-watt metal halide bulbs on the inside and nine 250-watt halogen bulbs on the outside.

Under the proposal approved Monday, Duke will be paid $8,899.51 to retrofit both garages with LED bulbs. Estimated annual cost savings for both garages is over $25,000 per year.

Redevelopment officials can’t say when the retrofit work will get underway, but they don’t expect it will take long. Duke still has to schedule the work.