Paul McCartney Says His Wife Was Offended By Kanye West Collaboration

Paul McCartney revealed that his wife Nancy Shevell was apprehensive with McCartney committing to his 2015 Kanye West teamup, “All Day.” “Macca,” who is currently in the midst of his first tour of Down Under since 1993, spoke to, and recalled first hearing the finished master, explaining, “He uses the ‘N’ word about 40 times and when I played it, first of all, my wife Nancy said ‘You can’t be involved with that!’ I said, ‘Well it’s not me saying it — it’s Kanye.’ It makes a difference because he’s using it in a completely different way from how a white person might use it. So, I liked it. I thought it was a good record. It got nominated for a Grammy. But that’s the kind of way we worked: I bring up this pretty little tune and he translates it into this great big urban riff.”

McCartney, who’s never been the most revealing of songwriters, choosing instead to wade in abstract waters, went on to shed light on one of his most beloved Wings tracks — 1973’s Top 10 hit “Jet”: “(‘Jet’ is) a little bit about the experiences I’d had in marrying Linda. Her dad (Lee Eastman) was a little old fashioned and I thought I was a little bit intimidated as a lot of young guys can be meeting the father figure. . . Anyway, the song starts to be about the sergeant major and it was basically my experience roughly translated. . . I never do a song with the actual words that actually happen because then that’s like a news story. ‘(singing) Oh Linda, I was going to see your Dad and he was intimidating.’ A bit boring. So I mask it and mold it into a song, something you can sing reasonably.”

  • When pressed if he composed the Abbey Road finale “The End” as a specific swan song to the Beatles‘ career, he said, “I didn’t think of it as the end of the Beatles, I think of it mainly as the end of an album. But I just had that little couplet: ‘(and) in the end, you love you take/is equal to the love you make’ — I liked that as a sentiment and as a mini-poem. That came on the end of the album and that song, quite luckily. . . I don’t analyze my stuff but if I was to, that’d be a good one to analyze. You’ve got John (Lennon), George (Harrison), Ringo (Starr) (soloing) — that’s sewing it all up. You get Ringo, does his drum solo, which he would never do we had to really persuade him to do (a) drum solo.”
  • Paul McCartney admitted that his pre-show soundchecks have always been a highlight of being out on the road: [“I mean, really, all we have to do is check the instruments — but if we just check them, we’d get bored. So, we’ve got enough numbers to kind of throw some in, and then if they start to sound really good — ‘Oh, we’ll stick that in the show!’ But it does become its own little thing. And what happens is, some of the people that come to the show buy a special ticket and come to this one. Y’know, we wanna try and entertain them.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . and entertain them)


  • Paul McCartney tour dates (subject to change):
    December 9 – Brisbane, Australia – Suncorp Stadium
    December 11, 12 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena
    December 16 – Auckland, New Zealand – Mt Smart Stadium