11% of People Have Never Bought a Newspaper . . . and 10% Have Never Used a Wall Calendar

It’s 2023, which means that you might have to be in your 40s to remember a time BEFORE the Internet.  And some stuff that was only around for a few years . . . like Friendster, Koosh balls, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas . . . are in danger of being forgotten.

A new poll asked people how often they did various “retro activities.”  They included people of ALL AGES, and here’s a rundown of what they found:

1.  6% haven’t listened to music on a cassette.

2.  7% haven’t used a printer in their own home.

3.  9% haven’t sent a postcard.

4.  10% haven’t taken photos on a non-disposable camera that used film.

5.  10% haven’t used a wall calendar to keep track of birthdays and events.

6.  11% haven’t bought a physical newspaper.

7.  12% haven’t used a fountain pen to write.

8.  13% haven’t used a Yellow Pages to look up a phone number.

9.  14% haven’t used a public pay phone to make a phone call.

10.  15% haven’t listened to music on a vinyl record player, even if it’s hip again.

11.  16% haven’t used a floppy disc on a computer.

12.  18% haven’t used a physical road map.  (This one is underappreciated.  The next time you’re navigating an unfamiliar area with navigation on your cell phone, imagine trying to do it with a paper map.)

13.  19% haven’t connected to the internet using a dial-up connection.

14.  19% haven’t paid for something using a check.

15.  25% haven’t made a phone call on a rotary phone.

16.  26% haven’t watched a black-and-white television.

17.  26% haven’t owned an encyclopedia.

18.  33% haven’t typed on a typewriter.

19.  36% haven’t sent a fax.

20.  42% haven’t smoked a cigarette.

21.  44% haven’t written to a pen-pal.

22.  73% haven’t used a pager.

23.  73% haven’t had an account on MySpace.

24.  78% haven’t sent or received a telegram.