7th grader wins $10K after scoring impressive half-court shot

A seventh grader is $10,000 richer after making an impressive half-court shot. JJ Franks is a 13-year-old from North Dakota and won that jackpot last week. But first, he had to make a layup, ace a free throw and nail a three-pointer — all of which he did, in just 25 seconds.

JJ, who also plays 7th and 8th grade basketball for Bishop Ryan Catholic School in Minot, described the experience as “overwhelming” and said he didn’t expect to win. He made the shots, including the money-winning final basket, during halftime at his school’s varsity home game.

According to the school’s website, all fans attending home basketball games can enter the “$10,000 Gatorade Halftime Shootout,” but only one ticket will be drawn to shoot for the $10,000 cash prize, the website said. The person selected would have to successfully make a layup, free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot within 25 seconds to win the cash, the school said.

JJ’s mother, Marie Franks, told Good Morning America that the event ran through January without a winner. But that changed when he took to the court last week.

When asked about what he is going to do with the $10,000, JJ replied: “college.”