A School Cafeteria Worker Stole $1.5 Million Worth of Chicken Wings

Suburban high school cafeteria workers may seem harmless . . . but some are capable of HIGH-STAKES AVIAN THIEVERY. 66-year-old Vera Liddell was the “food service director” at a school district in Illinois. But she was arrested, for stealing $1.5 MILLION worth of chicken wings.

She’d been working there for at least a decade . . . but during the pandemic, she started over-ordering chicken, and picking it up herself in a district cargo van. And the extra chicken was never brought back to the school.

Over the past couple of years she stole a LOT of chicken, and she ended up being caught because she overlooked one thing: She was ordering massive amounts of chicken wings . . . but the school never served WINGS to the students “because they contain bones.”

It’s unclear what Vera was actually doing with all those chicken wings. She’s currently being held on a $150,000 bond.