Are Diamond Engagement Rings Going Away? Two-Thirds of Us Say No Diamond Necessary

The rule with engagement rings used to be you spend three months’ salary. But we might be drifting closer and closer to three DAYS’ salary.

A new poll found two-thirds of Americans don’t think a diamond engagement ring is necessary anymore. That’s how many people said they’d be fine with giving or receiving a ring that doesn’t have diamonds.

74% of younger people would be fine with it, compared to 50% of Baby Boomers.

The top alternatives people would go for are an all-metal or all-gold ring . . . an emerald instead of a diamond . . . a sapphire instead of a diamond . . . and 1 in 7 people would even consider a ring TATTOO.

Choosing a ring together is also trendier than it used to be. 71% of Millennials, and 59% overall think it’s the way to go. The poll also found the average person now looks at eight different rings before buying one.

Some traditions are still popular though: Over half said getting down on one knee is still important. And a third think asking for the parents’ blessing is, too.