GOOD NEWS: Run club promotes making connections over competition

With this running club, athleticism comes second.

The Left Handed Giant Run Club was founded in Bristol, England, in 2019 by Jay Medway. She started it because other running clubs were “intimidating,” Medway told BBC News, and she wanted to create an inclusive space where everyone felt encouraged and supported.

Members talk while they run, and give each other advice or just offer their ears. “Nobody’s left behind, and we’re all in it together and it’s more about talking to the person rather than the pace,” Medway said. There are about 160 runners who meet twice a week, including Cat Hicks, who joined after feeling like she wasn’t “fast enough or quick enough” for the competitive clubs.

The Left Handed Giant Run club gives her a boost, she said, and it’s “really important to make sure that I’m exercising my brain as well as my body.”