GOOD NEWS: Therapy pony makes ‘beautiful’ connections with nursing home residents.

A pony named Poppy is bringing smiles to nursing home residents across Swindon, England.

Poppy is a therapy pony that makes the rounds with her owner, Sarah Woodland, and is allowed to visit with residents inside their rooms. Woodland said Poppy is “very empathetic” and “incredibly kind,” and when it comes to interacting with the elderly, “she’s got like a sixth sense. She knows to be gentle and to be patient and to be kind.”

When Poppy meets someone who is especially frail, she will “rest her head on their lap,” Woodland said. “It’s just beautiful.” The residents not only enjoy petting Poppy, but also having conversations with Woodland. “Many can’t go up and get around, and this is nice for them,” Woodland said, adding that Poppy’s visits “bring the outdoors in.”