“He stole Ho Hos! Let’s get ‘im!”

A man was arrested for stealing, but it’s what he tried running away with that’s raising some eyebrows.

NWestIowa.com reports 20-year-old Kyran Lee Schuknecht, of Sheldon, has been charged with fifth-degree theft. So, what did he steal? Hostess Ho Hos and soda. That’s it.

Police say the suspect wandered into a Casey’s General Store and got a case of the sticky fingers. He grabbed three packages of Ho Hos and two bottles of soda, which he promptly shoved into his backpack.

He then grabbed a slice of pizza and paid for that before moseying on out of the store.

Police arrested the sugary scofflaw and noted that, while the Ho Hos were crushed, the store was able to recoup some money. The two soda bottles were in resalable condition and were put back on the shelves.