Man tries robbing bank with a finger gun

People normally flash finger guns when telling an awful joke — not when they’re trying to rob a bank. But, one man did and he almost got away with it.

The Smoking Gun reports 56-year-old James Sinclair, of Florida, entered the Chase Bank in Seminole and pretended he had a gun under his shirt. Turns out all he had under his shirt was his hand; police say in their report he “made the shape of a gun with his finger.”

But, the teller — identified as Desiree Stefanik — didn’t know that when he demanded money. He also told her, per the report, “Not to push any buttons as he waited for her to open her drawer.”

She handed him the cash, a whopping $120, and he fled.

Police later arrested Sinclair and charged him with a felony count of robbery. They also noted he didn’t have any weapons on him.

He is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.