Maryland Mom Opens Smoothie Shop That Offers Jobs To People With Special Needs

When a Maryland mother couldn’t find an inclusive space for her boys with special needs, she decided to create one of her own.

After 15 years as a real estate agent, Monique Sotomarino opened That Smoothie Place to give jobs and internships to anyone with special needs.

Her business partners with Montgomery County Public Schools by providing internships and jobs.

“I didn’t want to focus just on higher functioning individuals, but individuals of all abilities and give them their opportunity to try this place out,” Sotomarino told 7News.

Sometimes it might take a little longer to get your smoothie, so Sotomarino provides entertainment at all the tables.

“I love to see families come in and put down their phones and actually focus on the games. I even have families… they switch tables,” she said.

Her goal is to bring That Smoothie Place to other cities so they can partner with other districts too.