Passengers beg to leave plane after several failed landings

A viral video shows JetBlue passengers aboard a plane begging to be let off the aircraft after four unsuccessful attempts to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York due to severe weather.

The JetBlue flight from Cancun, Mexico was eventually diverted to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, where it touched down successfully, according to People.

One passenger in the video can be seen getting up from his seat and pleading with airplane staff to allow passengers off the plane.

“[People are] panicking,” said the man. “People are sick back there. We have to get off this plane. It is dangerous. We tried to land four times already. It is dangerous. We are scared to fly. We want to get off … We’re six hours. It is a three-hour flight. It’s not your fault, it’s not their fault, we just want to get off!”

However, rather than letting passengers off, the plane waited out the storm before taking off to go back to JFK.

A JetBlue spokesperson told People that the airline eventually did return to JFK as planned and landed safely. No injuries were reported.