Worst First Kiss Ever? A Woman Had to Have Her Tongue Stitched Back Together

Anyone got a worse first kiss story than THIS?

A Turkish model posted shots online after she made out with a guy for the first time . . . and he bit the tip of her TONGUE off.

It’s hard to tell if he bit it CLEAN off, or if it was dangling.  But she went to a hospital in Istanbul to have them sew it back together, and posted a short video online.  (Here’s the video.)

She says she’d known the guy about a month, and it was the first time they’d locked lips.  It’s not clear if she plans to give him another shot or not.

She’s still not even sure how it happened.  Her best guess is he just doesn’t know how to kiss.  (Or he got a little too excited about making out with a model.)

Luckily, doctors stitched her back up, and she’s okay now.