U2 Reissuing 1979 Debut EP For Record Store Day

On November 29th, U2 will issue a new limited edition 12-inch vinyl release celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut EP, titled, Three. The limited-edition disc is newly remastered and pressed on 180-gram black vinyl, and will be available exclusively via independent retailers. For details of participating record stores visit www.recordstoreday.com.

According to the press release:

Originally released in Ireland in September 1979, the Three EP features three songs recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with producer Chas De Whalley — “Out Of Control,” “Stories For Boys,” and “Boy-Girl.” The A-side was chosen via a listener poll on Dave Fanning’s RTÉ (Irish national radio) music show. All songs have been remastered for this reissue.

Over the years, U2’s setlists have reached all the way back to its first album, 1980’s Boy, for some songs. Guitarist The Edge told us that the feels there’s a direct line between those songs and the material they create today: [“Songs like ‘Electric Co.’ and ‘Into The Heart’ and ‘The Ocean,’ they just felt quite current. They’ve stood the test of time pretty well. They haven’t dated in a very bad way, which some music from that period seems to have. The haircuts of that period, by contrast, have dated very badly, but the music thankfully hasn’t.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . music thankfully hasn’t)

Whether it’s revisiting a 30-year-old album on tour of looking back to his childhood, Bono recently explained that the past always remains firmly a part of the present: [“Y’know, part of you never leaves the street you grew up in. And it’s a beautiful street with beautiful people. I’m still best friends with a lot of people on Ceadarwood Road — but, y’know, I still have that attitude that you walk out the door with — I have it now — and there actually nobody waitin’ for me (laughs) to smack my head in.”] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . my head in)

U2 will kick off its final dates of the year on November 8th in Auckland, New Zealand.