Work progressing on Hub project to aid in addiction recovery

Work is underway on the Hub, a one-stop location for help with drug addiction recovery being led by the Alliance For Substance Abuse Progress in Bartholomew County.

Nathan Walsh, director of the new facility explains that it will be located in the Doug Otto United Way Center on 13th Street. The Hub will be taking up two sections of the building, where the United Way officers were until their recent move to the old firehouse across the street.

Demolition work, being done by volunteers, is underway on the existing space and it is moving more quickly than hoped for. He said that the IU School of Art and Design has been very helpful in coming up with plans for the demolition and with plans for the new offices.

Walsh credited the volunteer efforts for moving the project forward.

Mission Columbus and its volunteers who are tackling the project are the only way it could be made affordable.

Walsh said one of the biggest obstacles will soon be overcome. In the middle of the office space is a giant safe built of brick and mortar. At first, it was thought that the safe would have to remain, disrupting any efforts to redesign the space.

After demolition is complete there will be a complete remodeling of the space.

The Hub is expected to open with some programs in place by July.