Air Force

Freeman • Monday – Friday 5am to 10am

I was born in Dickson, Tennessee and graduated with the class of 2004 from Creek Wood High School. After four years of ‘discovering myself’ I went to Connecticut School of broadcasting. That led me to my first radio gig in my hometown with WDKN. Eight years later, here I am in Southeast Indiana. On January 1st I’ll be celebrating 10 years in radio and looking forward to many more with The River!

  • Who is your favorite band or artist? You can’t pick just one, if I had to make a short list I’d say Journey, Queen, Matchbox 20, Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson
  • What was the best concert you attended? In 2006 I attended a Def Leppard and Journey at Starwood in Nashville
  • What do you like to do for fun? I spend a good amount of time with my beautiful wife whether that’s binging Disney+ (we’re currently watching all the Star Wars movies in order), cooking together, or serving at our church.  I’m still a huge nerd but I don’t spend quite as much time with my video games anymore. I’m also an avid sports fan. If you need me to be in your wedding, move your furniture, or attend any event, you better check the schedules for the Titans, Predators, or Commodores first.
  • Do you have any pets? Boy do I! Would you like a kitten? I currently have 3 adult cats and a litter of adorable kittens who are up for adoption.
  • My three favorites movies; Ghostbusters (1986 not that thing from 2017), Rent, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


Mike Sullivan • Monday – Friday 10am to 3pm

I was born in Bloomington,Indiana and did all of my major schooling there including at Bloomington North High School and 1985 graduate of Indiana University. I started my radio broadcasting career on the IU campus in the Union Building on a Free-Form station known as WQAX followed by a year on the IU station WIUS. I am celebrating my 40th anniversary of my first radio job.

  • Who is your favorite band or artist? My favorite groups include Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and Steely Dan.
  • What was the best concert you attended? My favorite concert was definitely seeing Queen at Market Sqare Arena in 1981. Nobody owned the stage like Freddy Mercury.
  • What do you like to do for fun?  I have always had an interest not only on being in front of a microphone in studio, but also on stage including many public speaking engagements, theatre, stand-up comedy, and karaoke. I also love to dance, and that love began back in the disco era and most recently included performing in our local “Dancing With The Stars.”
  • Some of  My  favorite hobbies are golf, softball, and biking when it’s 50 degrees and warmer, and reading when it’s colder. I will always support my Hoosiers in all sports and also am passionate about the Reds, Colts, and Pacers. I’ve been married to my wife Becky since 2003 and our baby is our Shitz-zu Buddy.



Rich Anthony • Monday – Friday 3pm to 7pm

I was born and raised in Grand Blanc, Michigan. I spent 8 years living in Oklahoma City before returning to Michigan and graduating from Specs Howard School Of Broadcasting Arts. I landed my first job in radio in Monticello, Indiana in 1995. After 5 years there, I spent 2 years in Lafayette before moving to Columbus in 2001. I’m married to my wife Joanne and have 3 stepkids (I don’t really call them that, they’re my kids). I have an older son, Chris in Oklahoma. I play softball 2-3 nights a week, I’ve been on the CSA board since 2007, have volunteered for the ARC of Bartholomew County and various other charities and school functions throughout the years. I never thought my home would be in Indiana but it is and I’m loving it.

  • Where are you originally from? Grand Blanc, Michigan (just outside of Flint)
  • Who is your favorite band or artist? The Eagles
  • What was the best concert you attended? The Eagles at the United Center in Chicago in 2008
  • Name 3 of your favorite movies? The Usual Suspects, The Other Guys & Four Christmases
  • Do you have any pets? Yes, two Chihuahuas, Maggie and Woody and a cat named Maize
  • What is your favorite food? Italian
  • What do you like to do for fun? Travel, softball or concerts


Tim Wayne • Monday-Friday 7pm-12am; Sundays 10am to 2pm

I was born right here in Columbus, Indiana. Moved to Seymour when I was 9 and graduated from Seymour High School. I am an Indiana State University graduate. Started in Radio, TV and Film and ended with a B.S. in Criminology/Pre-Law. After college served in the U.S. Army as a Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent. Just think of NCIS…just with the Army. I guess you could say that life has come around full circle for me since I lost a bet and became a weekend on-air personality for 106.1 The River. Seriously, being here has been a breath of fresh air and I do enjoy it.

  • Mt favorite band is Chicago. Boston is a close second. I have seen Chicago twice. Once with Peter Cetera and once with his replacement Jason Scheff. The concert with Cetera was the best. Something about incorporating horns into the act sends it over the top for me.
  • My three favorite movies are Tombstone, The Shawshank Redemption and Rocky 1 or 2. I do like a lot of the newer movies, but not as much as these classics.
  • Pets? Nah. I did have a great dog named Baron. He and I were inseparable for 17 years. Lost him about a year and a half ago. Still think about him every day.
  • My favorite food is Southern fried chicken. Pizza a close second.
  • I dabble in the voice-over business for fun. I also like golf, astronomy, metal detecting and gem hunting.
  • I am a local business owner. I have two children, Zachary and Sydney and one Grandson Roscoe.