Arts Council and Exhibit Columbus offering dance performances downtown

The Columbus Area Arts Council and Exhibit Columbus are teaming up tomorrow for a series of dance performances at three of the art and design exhibits erected in downtown.

The Kenyetta Dance Company will be performing starting at 5:30 p.m. at 418 4th Street will a performance at A Carousel for Columbus on Ovation Plaza. That will be followed by performances at Designed by the Public on the Library Plaza on Fifth Street and at Machi, at 637 Seventh Street at the Cummins Parking Garage. Between each performance, you are invited to walk to the next location.

According to organizers, the dancers will interpret through movement the essence, purpose, and energy of the installations featured in Exhibit Columbus’ Public by Design exhibition.

Kenyetta Dance Company from Indianapolis is dedicated to celebrating the African-American aesthetic in the performing arts.

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