Bartholomew Jail changing procedures for all-digital inmate mail

The Bartholomew County Jail will be changing how mail is delivered to inmates.

According to the sheriff’s department, the jail contractor will be partnering with a company called TextBehind. The company will photocopy all appropriate physical mail and deliver it digitally to the jail, where it will be reviewed and approved by facility staff.

The inmates will still receive their mail digitally through a kiosk provided by contractor HomeWAV. The county went all-digital with inmate mail last December.

There will be a new mailing address for those who wish to send mail to inmates, which will be in Phoenix, Maryland. The sender must provide their complete first and last name, complete return address, the inmate’s first and last name, inmate number and the name of the correctional institution. Initials and abbreviations are not acceptable.

Any envelope without the information and formatting will be rejected and discarded unopened.

TextBehind does not accept legal mail, money orders, personal checks, gift cards or cash in the mail. Those will be returned to the sender.

The changes will go into effect on Oct. 14th.

The new mailing address will be:

The correct address format is as follows:

Inmate First / Last Name and Inmate ID Number
Bartholomew County Jail
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131