Cooling station open in Columbus; Thursday to hit new high

The city of Columbus will be offering a cooling station today and tomorrow at Donner Center as extreme heat and humidity makes it feel like it is more than 100 outside.

Officials say that the hot temperatures are a serious threat to health and safety, expecially among vulnerable populations. A cooling station allows those who do not have air conditioning to cool down before getting on their way.

Food, showers and sleep areas are not available.

The cooling station will be open until 6 today and from 1 to 6 tomorrow at Donner Center on 22nd Street. Emergency officials will evaluate the weather to determine whether to offer the cooling station later in the week.

It is hot today, but tomorrow is expected to be even worse.

The National Weather Service is keeping its extreme heat warning in place through midnight Thursday. Officials say that you can expect the hottest days so far this year. The heat index Thursday is expected to make it feel like 113 in some places in southwestern Indiana.

In our area the heat index is expected to reach between 106 and 109 according to forecasters.