Cummins’ Accelera brand unveils new school bus system

Cummins zero emissions business segment, Accelera, and Blue Bird Corporation are unveiling a next generation electric school bus at a trade show in Reno, Nevada.

The companies premiered the Vision electric school bus at the STN Expo West, a leading technology event for the student transportation industry.

The Vision bus features the Accelera PowerDrive 7000. The upgraded system is equipped with a next-gen battery that has a 25 percent power increase from the previous model. The school buses can now travel up to 130 miles on a single charge.

Brian Wilson, General Manager of Electrified Components at Accelera, said the partnership with Blue Bird is in its fifth year. He said the companies are “driven to provide safe, efficient and sustainable electric school buses across North America…” Their goal of deploying a fleet of 1,000 electric school buses in North America within 12 to 18 months remains on track, he said.

The partnership has already led to school bus adoptions in Colorado and California, where school districts have taken advantage of funding opportunities to electrify their fleets,

Blue Bird Corp. operates nearly 1,000 electric school buses in North America today.

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