Cummins partners with Werner for hydrogen engines

Cummins is partnering with Nebraska based Werner Enterprises for the company to purchase 500 of the Columbus based engine manufacturer’s 15-liter hydrogen internal combustion engines when they become available.

Werner is a leading transportation and logistics provider. Werner officials say the company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2035. They say customers are showing interest in sustainable choices in the market, leading to the signing of a letter of intent with Cummins for the hydrogen engines.

Cummins says the fuel agnostic platform, includes the hydrogen option in both the 15 liter and 6.7 liter displacements.

Cummins hydrogen engines offer the benefit of adaptability. They continue to use familiar mechanical drivelines with vehicle and equipment integration. Meaning parts and components from Cummins’ existing platforms can be used in the new powertrains.

At an upcoming tradeshow in Germany later this month, Cummins is planning to display both medium- and heavy-duty hydrogen products.