Dangerous heat continues through Thursday

The intense heat is expected to get even worse throughout the day today and tomorrow.

A heat advisory expired at 8 a.m. this morning, but The National Weather Service is replacing it with an excessive heat warning from  now until midnight Thursday, with temperatures that could feel like 110 degrees.

Forecasters warn that the heat and humidity will increase the potential for heat related illnesses, especially for those working outdoors or taking part in outside activities.

Heat Stroke is a serious illness and you should call 911 if someone is experiencing symptoms. Those include a throbbing headache and confusion, but no sweating. Their skin could be red, hot and dry. There will be a rapid, strong pulse and a victim could lose consciousness. You should get a heat stroke victim to a cool place and use cool cloths or a bath to cool them down. You should not give liquids to a victim of heat stroke.

It will also continue to be hard to breathe today for those who are sensitive to air quality.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has declared an Air Quality Action Day for southern Indiana. That means that a combination of high temperatures, light winds, and other factors, are expected to produce conditions where high levels of ground-level ozone emissions may exceed federally mandated standards.

While ozone in the upper atmosphere blocks ultraviolet radiation, ozone near the ground is a lung irritant. It can cause coughing and breathing difficulties for sensitive populations. Children, the elderly, and anyone with heart or lung conditions should reduce or avoid exertion and heavy work outdoors today.

The alert is in effect until 11:59 p.m. tonight.

You can get more information at SmogWatch.IN.gov.