Final medical offices finish move to Nexus Park.

The final medical practices to move into the Columbus Regional Health portion of Nexus Park will be reopening today.

According to the hospital, Columbus Pediatrics and Imaging Services are making their moves to the former Fair Oaks Mall and are both set to open today.

Patients are receiving information on visiting the new office locations and will also receive reminders for any upcoming appointments that take place at the new location.

Nexus Park on 25th Street is a joint project between the city of Columbus and CRH as a center for health, wellness and recreation. Columbus Regional Health is putting more than $54 million dollars into its side of the project and moving more than 15 offices from around the city to the facility.

If you are coming to the CRH portion of Nexus Park as a patient or a visitor, you should enter the facility through Entrance 3, which is on the southwest side of the facility. Pregnant mothers and their support partners attending appointments at OBGYN Associates, may use Entrance 4 on the north side of the facility.

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