Fundraising effort underway for girls locker room at Hamilton Ice Arena

An ice skating marathon by the manager of the Hamilton Ice Arena is raising funds for a girls locker room at the facility.

According to the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Carleen Fry has already skated more than three quarters of the way toward her 26.2 mile goal. Fry says that interest in girls hockey has grown exponentially in recent years, but the team members and other female skaters have no locker room to get ready for games and activities.

Although the facility has four locker rooms, none are set aside for female skaters. Fry said that the girls’ hockey team members now use the equipment room and bathrooms to suit up.

Fry said that 289 laps of the arena equals the length of a marathon. And while she is a novice skater herself, she has already finished 243 laps toward the goal as of this week. The financial goal is to raise $400,000 for the new locker room.

You can find a link to support the efforts through the Columbus Parks Foundation here: