Ivy Tech program helps Seymour students with career goals

Ivy Tech Community College and Seymour High School are partnering to offer students real-world career preparation through Career Day events.

According to the college, this is the first year for the partnership which is meant to provide additional depth and training for the students.

Seymour High School held two Career Day events earlier this school year, providing students with information on how to build an effective resume, different types of interview styles, practice with professional communication skills and learning what skills today’s employers are looking for.

Ivy Tech provided the students with trained career-preparation professionals through its Ivy+ Career Link program to help them create paths to attain career goals. Ivy+ Career Link is team that provides career development services, talent connection opportunities and employee training for employers.

Seymour High School and Ivy Tech plan to continue offering the Career Day events for seniors at the start of each school year.