Lucas defends decision to show handgun to student gun control advocates

State Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour is defending his controversial exchange with a group of students advocating against gun violence at the Statehouse last week.

Lucas displayed his holstered handgun to the group from Muncie which was assembled in the atrium of the Indiana Statehouse. That prompted group members to say they felt “uncomfortable and threatened.”

Lucas says he probably could have handled a conversation with a young group of girls advocating against gun violence at the Statehouse better.

Lucas said that he noticed the group while walking in the atrium and took some free time to engage in a conversation with them about their concerns. He said the dialogue between them was initially polite and constructive.

“I was using that as an opportunity to educate them on some facts that they were obviously not aware of,” Lucas said to “The Gun Guy” on 93 WIBC.

That’s when Lucas was seen on video saying “Look. I’m carrying right now”, lifting his suit jacket to reveal his holstered handgun.

“I got caught up in the moment talking to a young group of adults there. It was unscripted, unscheduled. It just happened,” Lucas said. “Somewhere along the way, someone has instilled into these young adults an absolute fear of somebody exercising their constitutional right that posed absolutely zero threat to them.”

Lucas encourages people to watch the whole video from start to finish to see for themselves how the exchange went.

Lawmakers are allowed to carry handguns in the Indiana Statehouse. Lucas is also supporting legislation that would expand that ability to staff members of lawmakers and cabinet members.

Story courtesy of Network Indiana