Major disaster training exercise starts Tuesday at Muscatatuck

The Indiana National Guard says the Guardian Response Exercise will be returning to Muscatatuck Urban Training Center this week

The federal emergency response exercise simulates a national emergency in order to test the preparedness of federal emergency response teams. The training center will simulate a community hit by a disaster.

There will be an increase of traffic in the area, both on local roads and in the air. You could see delays of 10-15 minutes with large convoys of vehicles or troops moving in the area. The base will not be closing Brush Creek Reservoir and County Road 475 this year.

Lt. Col. Stephen Spencer, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center’s director, said this is the 13th year for the base to host the event. He said that “This is the kind of training Muscatatuck was created for and we are proud to do our part to ensure America’s military and first responders are prepared for every situation.”

The exercise will be Tuesday to May 11th.